About FUKUSA / 福紗について

A warm welcome to FUKUSA/福紗.

FUKUSA/福紗 is a retailer specialising in Furoshiki (ふろしき/風呂敷) – a Traditional Japanese Wrapping Fabric.

We are based in London and are passionate about promoting this multi-functional Furoshiki fabric in the UK and globally as an easy and ecologically friendly alternative to disposable bags, wrapping paper and the like.

It is important to us that our products are faithful to our concept of simplicity, utility and beauty.

What is Fukusa?

Fukusa is a square piece of fabric. It is a type of Japanese textile used for wrapping gifts or purifying equipment during a Japanese tea ceremony.
We kept the musical sound of the word and changed its Chinese characters from 袱紗, 帛紗, 服紗 to 福紗 (Fuku-Sa).

福 means Happiness, Bliss, Good Luck, Fortune or Wealth
紗 means Silk Gauze

FUKUSA/福紗 was born out of the idea of wrapping a person in a silk gauze blessing.